About Us
The Nonwoven Association of South Africa has been formed to serve the interest of the nonwoven industry and to promote its competitiveness, growth and development. The growth of the nonwoven industry in South Africa will provide a better positioning of the local textile industry in the global market through the promotion of exports. The Constitution of the NA mandates the office bearers to conduct the following activities:
  1. To promote, encourage and protect the interests of members, to assist and encourage collaboration and co-operative action, and to deal with each and all such matters as may affect the common interests of the members and the economic development of the Nonwoven Industry.
  2. To promote, support, or oppose, as may be deemed expedient, any existing or proposed legislative or other measures affecting the interest of members.
  3. To collect, collate, tabulate and disseminate any information likely to be of use to members.
  4. To undertake the institution or defence of legal proceedings affecting the interests of the Association by or against any person, body or association.
  5. To do, or perform, all such other lawful acts, deeds, activities or functions as may be incidental or conducive to the interests of members and which are not inconsistent with the objectives of, or any matter specifically provided for in this constitution.
  6. To acquire, either by purchase, lease or otherwise, any movable or immovable property, and also to sell, let, mortgage or otherwise deal with and dispose of movable or immovable property or other assets belonging to the Association or use such property for such other purposes as the members may approve.
  7. To promote human resource development through technical training and promoting education in nonwovens at higher education institutes in South Africa.
  8. To arrange from time to time, workshops, seminars or symposium, etc. on topics of interest to the members.
  9. To promote the interests of the members for the development of small and medium enterprises, especially for entrepreneurs from previously disadvantaged background, thereby promoting Black Economic Empowerment (BEE).
Office Bearers
The NA Board currently (for 2015/2016) consists of following members:
  1. CSIR - Sunshine Blouw - Chairman
  2. Northern Cape Nonwoven Technologies - Thomas Adlam - Vice Chairman
  3. Freudenberg Nonwovens - Fiona Walther
  4. Brits Nonwoven - Cliff van Niekerk
  5. Propet Fibres - Jorge Fonseca
  6. Univ of Stellenbosch - Adine Gericke
  7.  Fibertex - Mike Hean
Employers engaged in the Nonwoven Industry shall be eligible for membership of the Association. The suppliers to the nonwoven industry, end-user industry, and distributors and marketers of nonwoven products will also be eligible for membership of the Association. Applications for membership shall be lodged in writing with the Secretary of the Association on the prescribed application form and shall be accompanied by the prescribed entrance fee and annual subscription.

The following entrance fee shall be payable at the time of an application for membership:
  • More than 50 employees - R600.00
  • 50 or fewer employees - R300.00

In addition to the entrance fee prescribed above the members shall pay a maximum annual subscription of R600-00 (Six Hundred Rand) for more than 50 employees and R300.00 for 50 or fewer employees with the initial payment being lodged with the application for membership and thereafter the annual subscription fixed by the Association from time to time shall be due on 1st April and payable not later than the 31st October next following of each and every financial year of the Association. In the case of an application for membership submitted during the course of the Association's financial year the annual subscription shall be rebated on a quarterly basis.

Benefits of Membership
  1. Members will be entitled to receive all relevant policy documents, nonwoven industry statistics, new and emerging business areas in nonwovens and national policy framework issues that the Association is taking-up with the government, financial institutions and stake holders.
  2. The association will provide a platform for networking with other industry members, nonwoven experts and academia.
  3. Members will have an opportunity to request the NA to take up any appropriate actions that can help business.
  4. Membership will, on a preferential basis, be able avail themselves of CSIR’s Pilot Plant Development facility on a pay-as-you-use terms agreeable between two parties.
  5. Members will be entitled to attend any human resource development intervention, training, workshops and symposium related to nonwovens which have been arranged by the Association. The members will be charged at a reduced rate for all such events.
  6. The members will receive information on the latest technological trends, new products and business opportunities compiled by the Association.
  7. The members will be eligible to form a part of delegations at international trade shows and business meetings.
  8. Our aim will be to establish our own Nonwoven Industry BEE Charter.